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NAHS Rising 9th Grade Information
Incoming Class of 2027

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Rising 9th Grade Events and Scheduling Timeline for Spring 2023

Freshman Year Curriculum & Course Options for


Rising 9th Grade Info for Parents Spring 2023

Transfer Students from Non-Feeder & Private Schools

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Phone: 404-802-4723

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Phone: 404-802-4734

NAHS Class of 2027 9th Grade Counselors

Rising 9th Grade Add/Drop Period for 2023-24 Classes

The spring Add/Drop Period is the opportunity for students/parents to request changes to their courses for next school year. All students received a hardcopy of his/her academic course placements and elective selections to share with parents and reference for this process. 

Add/Drop Period Dates: March 15-17
Link to the Add/Drop Online Form:


How to Add/Drop a Class:

  • Students/Parents submit change requests using the Add/Drop Google Form only (Link Above).

    • Counselors will only review, and process change requests submitted via the online Add/Drop Google Form. 

    • Course request changes submitted via email, phone or in person WILL NOT be accepted.

  • You will receive an email receipt of the Add/Drop Form you submitted.

  • Counselors will review submitted requests after the Add/Drop period closes on March 17.

    • If the student does not meet the course placement guidelines for the class requested, the request will be denied and no class change will be made.

    • Status updates regarding the review of requested changes will not be available.

    • Approved changes will be viewable on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal after Spring Break.



Click here for NAHS Add/Drop Quick Guide

Click here for NAHS 9th Grade Academic Placement Quick Guide

Click here for Sutton 8th Grade Course Selection Presentation

Rising 9th Grade Parent Q&A Sessions

Parents interested in learning more about their rising 9th grade student’s academic course placement and elective selections for next school year, are invited to attend one of our upcoming parent info sessions.

This will be parents’ opportunity to ask questions pertinent to your student’s 9th grade class schedule, academic plan, & the 2023-24 registration process/timeline.  Sessions will be hosted by NAHS counselors Ms Marino & Ms Williams via Zoom. Counselors will not be able to accommodate requests for individual parent meetings.

Click here to view a recording of the March 15th Zoom Meeting: CLICK FOR VIDEO

Click here for Event Flyer: DOWNLOAD FLYER

Click here for NAHS 9th Grade Academic Placement Quick Guide

Click here for Sutton 8th Grade Course Selection Presentation


Tuesday March 14


Wednesday March 15

Zoom Link:

2027 Rising 9 Parent Info

Rising 9th Grade Parent Curriculum Night 

On Wednesday, February 1st NAHS will host our Rising 9th Grade Parent Curriculum Night for all 2023-24 prospective NAHS 9th grade students. The event is scheduled to take place in the NAHS Auditorium and will start promptly at 6pm.


Topics to be covered include:

  • Overview of NAHS, students schedules and classes

  • 9th Grade Curriculum & Course Offerings

  • Academic Course Placement Guidelines

  • NAHS Pathway Course Offerings & Selection Process 

  • Registration Timeline for 2023-24 school year

Click here to view the Event Flyer: DOWNLOAD FLYER

Click here to Download Presentation Slides: DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

2027 Activites & Evnts

NAHS Rising 9th Grade Class of 2027 Activities & Timeline Spring 2023

Click here for printable version of information below:  DOWNLOAD PDF

FEBRUARY 1:  NAHS Rising Ninth Grade Parent Curriculum Night

  • Where/When: North Atlanta High School Auditorium at 6 p.m.

  • Presented by Ms. Marino and Ms. Williams

  • NAHS Overview, Academic Placement Guidelines, Course Offerings & Selection Process & More!


FEBRUARY 10: Rising 9th Grade Pathway Elective Fair

  • Where/When: Sutton Middle School (9:15-11:00am)

  • Presented by NAHS Counselors, Fine Arts and Career Tech Program Teachers

  • 8th graders explore pathway program offerings and learn about the elective class options they can choose from for their freshman year schedule


MARCH 2-10: Sutton Rising 9th Grade Course Selection and Registration

  • Where/When: Sutton MS 8th Grade Science Classes

  • NAHS Counselors Ms Williams & Ms Marino

  • 8th graders will review core academic placements, select electives and complete registration for freshman year class schedule


MARCH 14-15 (Date Change):  Rising 9th Grade Parent Academic Advisement Q&A


MARCH 15-17: 2023-2024 School Year Schedule Changes: Freshman Year Add/Drop Period


MARCH 15: Rising 9th Grade Non-Feeder/Private School Pre-Registration Sessions

  • Where/When: North Atlanta HS Media Center 4:30pm

  • NAHS Counselors Ms Williams & Ms Marino

  • Opportunity for prospective rising 9th grade students and parents not currently attending Sutton MS to tentatively select courses for the 2023-24 school year. Students will still need to go through the enrollment process with the Registrar’s office this summer. Courses selected are not guaranteed. (RSVP Online)


MARCH 22-23: Review Freshman Year Final List of Requested Courses

  • Where: Infinite Campus

  • Students/Parents can review finalized courses for freshman year.


MARCH 22: Rising 9th Grade Non-Feeder/Private School Pre-Registration Sessions

  • Where/When: North Atlanta HS Media Center 4:30pm

  • Refer to details listed above for March 15th


APRIL 26: Rising 9th Grade Non-Feeder/Private School Pre-Registration Sessions

  • Where/When: North Atlanta HS Media Center 4:30pm

  • Refer to details listed above for March 15th


MAY 24: Class of 2027 Warrior Warm-Up

  • North Atlanta HS (Time TBA)

  • Sutton 8th graders visit the NAHS to take campus tours, attend extra-curricular fair, learn about community service and more!


MAY 25 - JUNE 2: Fast Track Math Notification Window

  • Eligible students/parent will be notified via email and have an opportunity to accept or decline invitation to take the class. Students who accept will make necessary revision to freshman course requests.


9th Grade Year Schedules & Course Offerings

  • Students will have a total of 8 classes each semester

    • 4 Classes will be on A Days and the other 4 will be on B Days

    • A Days and B Days alternate throughout the whole school year

  • Most classes are yearlong (both fall and spring semesters)​​

  • Some classes will be 1 semester long classes (Aug-Dec or Jan-May)

  • Most 9th grade year classes required but students/parent will get to select a few of their classes from a menu of class options


Freshman schedules will include the following classes:

  • ​9th Lit/Comp*

  • Math*    

  • Biology*

  • American Gov*  (1 sem) and  US/World Affairs* (1 sem)

  • World Language*  

  • Health*  (1 sem) and Personal Fitness* (1 sem)

  • Pathway Class

  • 2nd Pathway Class or Elective

*Indicate Required Classes for NAHS 9th graders


Career Tech Pathway Classes:

  • Audio/Visual Tech & Film 1

  • Intro to Business & Technology

  • Intro to Graphic Design

  • Journalism 1

  • JROTC-Army 1

  • Intro to Digital Technology


​Fine Arts Pathway Classes:

  • Band

  • Chorus

  • Dance (experience required)

  • Guitar 

  • Orchestra

  • Theater Arts Fundamentals

  • Visual Arts


World Language Offerings:

  • Arabic​

  • Chinese

  • French

  • Spanish

  • Spanish for Native Speakers


​Additional Elective Offering:

  • AP Human Geography


Academic Placement Guidelines and Process for Sutton Students

  • Placement for all academic classes will be based on 8th Grade Fall Semester Grades and Fall MAP test scores.

  • Students will be placed into the highest-level course they qualify for in each subject based on Rising 9th Grade Placement Guidelines.

  • Placement for each subject is reviewed and determined separately 

  • There is no “Honors Track” or "IB Track"

  • ANY student who meets the pre-requisite for an Honors or AP class may take the class 

  • A student’s classification (Gifted, Special Ed, ESOL) DOES NOT….

    • Automatically predetermine the level of classes in which he/she is placed

    • Preclude a student from being eligible to take higher level classes

    • Exclude a student from being required to take a support level class if deemed necessary

  • If a student IS NOT PLACED in an Honors or AP level class, then his/her grades and/or tests scores do not meet the requirements for the class and ARE NOT ELIGIBILE to take that class next year.

    • Students may request to have a 2nd review to qualify for an Honors or AP class during the Add/Drop process March 15-17.

    • Students’ most March MAP assessment scores and current in progress grades will be reviewed to determine if course placement guidelines have been met. If the student still does not meet the course placement guidelines for the class requested, the request will be denied and no class change will be made.

  • If a student is placed in an Honors or AP level class he/she may opt to go down a level in that subject by submitting a change request during the Add/Drop period in March.

Click here to Download Rising 9th Grade Placement Quick Guide

Click here for the Add/Drop Process Quick Guide


Rising 9th Grade Private & Non-Feeder Middle School Students

​Students/Families who currently attend a private or MS other than Sutton, will need to go through the APS and NAHS new student registration process for 2023-24.


  • Families should plan to attend a NAHS Pre-Registration Course Selection Session (March 15, March 22 and April 26)

  • Parents will also need to complete APS Online Registration Application for the 2023-24 school year (End of May/June)

  • Student registration applications will be processed by the NAHS registrar’s office over the summer.

  • Once student’s registration process is completed the courses selected during the Pre-Registration Session will be entered to build student’s class schedule 

  • Students/Parents who do not attend a Pre-Registration Session will not select classes until the enrollment process with the Registrar’s office is complete

  • Enrollments are processed in the order in which they were submitted and may or may not be completed before the 1st day of school

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