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Class of 2024 Counselor

Kaye Boykin


Class of 2025 Counselor

Darryl Robinson


Class of 2026 Counselor

Marc Genwright


9th Grade Counselor (Class of 2027) for Students w/Last Names A-L  and  NAHS Dual Enrollment Program

Shellie Marino


9th Grade Counselor (Class of 2027) for Students w/Last Names M-Z

Dionne Williams


Graduation Coach (Grades 11-12)

Mechelle Jones

NorthAtlanta SHield_edited_edited.jpg

Graduation Coach (Grades 9-10)

John Flen

Additional Support Staff Directory

School Social Worker for Grades 10 and 12: 
Dr. Abifee Thomas  

Phone:  404-802-4777

School Social Worker for Grades 9 and 11: 
Kadijah Felder-Patterson
Phone:  404-802-4777

School Registrar:   Susie Jones   
Phone:  404-802-4733

Registrar/Records Clerk:   Wanda Bell   
Phone:  404-802-4726


NAHS Counseling Program Vision

The vision of North Atlanta High School’s Counseling program is that all students are self-aware, critical thinkers who are equipped with the knowledge and life skills needed to successfully achieve their fullest potential in a 21st century society. Through the collaboration with school stakeholders, students will have clearly defined post-secondary goals and plans built upon identified individual interests and aptitudes. As life-long learners, students will develop a strong sense of self-worth, well-being and empathy for others. Students will embrace the value of diversity, their own personal identity and role in promoting equity for all within their community.

NAHS Counseling
Program Mission

The mission of North Atlanta High School’s counseling department is to provide a data driven, comprehensive counseling program of services to all students. In collaboration with our stakeholders, we desire to prepare students to seek and embrace postsecondary opportunities in order to meet the challenges of an ever-changing society and become global change agents in our society.

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