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Student Schedules, Course Selection and Registration

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2024-25 School Year Course Request & Scheduling Guidelines

  • Students must have a total of 8 classes per semester (total of 8.0 credits)

  • If students do not select enough course requests to fill a complete schedule, classes will be assigned randomly to fill gaps in the schedule

  • All 1 semester classes must match up with another 1 semester class in the schedule

  • Students are expected to complete the courses in which they enroll

  • Yearlong classes cannot be dropped mid-year after fall semester

  • Students cannot request the term in which term they will have certain class

  • Students cannot request to have a particular lunch period

  • WE CANNOT GUARANTEE a student’s top elective choice(s) will be granted, but we will do our best!

  • Course requests ARE NOT a schedule. Classes listed on course requests in Infinite Campus are not guaranteed to make it onto a student’s final schedule in August.

  • All course offerings, pre-requisites, placement guidelines and descriptions are available in the NAHS 2022-23 Academic Planner. 

Course Request & Schedule Changes for 2024-25 (March)

  • Students/Parents will have an opportunity to make changes to course requests will be in March Dates TBD

  • All course request changes must be submitted thru the online Add/Drop Google Form (coming in March).

  • Schedule change requests sent via email will not be processed

  • Please do not submit the same change request multiple times on the Add/Drop Form

  • No changes will be accepted after teh close of the Add/Drop period

  • Students/Parents will not receive a status update notification to course request change submissions

  • Students/Parents can view the changes made thru Infinite Campus Parent Portal after March 23

  • No schedule changes will be made in August

  • The only schedule changes that will be made in the fall will be due to EOG scores or failure of a class

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